Reliable People, Unlimited Service

We do more than manage facilities, we optimize them. We don’t simply clean and maintain buildings; we provide dependable people who polish and preserve living/working spaces. Our employees and management see value in what we do. We understand the different needs of a clean office area, a serviceable shopping mall, and a managed business location. Companies partner with us to create pristine workspaces, refreshing retail centres, and corporate hubs that invite and inspire.

Marquise employees don’t simply assist shoppers, they create a better experience. We don’t simply serve travelers’ needs in airports, we ensure that people in transit always have someone to turn to, clear directions and the right information. All across Canada, in colleges, retail outlets and office towers, we are there when you need us and working in the background to create the ideal setting.

We are trained, responsive and proactive. And everyone on our team—from upper management to our newest employee—is ready with sleeves rolled up.

A partnership with Marquise means you can focus on your core business without worrying about day-to-day operations of maintaining your facility. You get the best talent, support and resources for a superior level of service. Combined with our stellar business ethic and an employee-centric culture, it’s easy to understand how we’ve earned our reputation for excellence. We are pleased to share the highest standards with our client partners.