Customer Service

Perfectly Executed, Consistently Delivered

There is one thing that every Marquise employee shares and it defines us as a provider of customer services: we are relentlessly people focused. We maintain this focus in all areas and it’s one of our main criteria in finding the best people for every position. We operate with the understanding that little things count, execution is everything, and people matter most.

With Marquise, the extra mile is a given. While exceptional customer service is our hallmark, we see customers as people first. We apply this people-first approach to all that we do; it is at the heart of creating a successful shopping centre and it’s the mark of a world-class airport.

At Marquise, we know that great service is not a point of distinction for our Client Partners – it is an expectation and it absolutely must be delivered consistently and seamlessly. That’s why we work closely with each of our Client Partners to identify their top concerns and goals. We not only meet their basic needs, we exceed their highest hopes.

We see every relationship between you and your customers as a growth opportunity. We will ensure that your every touch-point is examined; creating a deep understanding of what defines a positive experience for your customers. Then we devise the perfect plan to make your vision happen.

Customer Service